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About us

Young clinician looking at flask with liquid

Science is our passion

More than 50 world-renowned scientists have been involved in researching and exploring the 1-MNA molecule, and they continue to set the scientific direction of our work.

We are working with leaders in science and technology, pioneers of better approaches to health.
The activities and partnerships undertaken with the international scientific community are the basis for product development and research.

Our team is constantly reviewing the latest available scientific literature related to proactive health.
Thus we can conduct unique research and projects that translate into available products.

The scientists involved in 1-MNA research come from the world of Life Science. Their range of expertise allows us to develop and implement innovative solutions.

Collaborations with leading academic institutions enables us to stay in touch with top researchers.

This is how Endotelio has been developed – a dietary supplement recommended for people who want to supplement their diet with 1-MNA.