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  • optimization of cognitive function and concentration support
  • reduction of feelings of fatigue and tiredness
  • supplements the diet with 1-MNA
  • optimizes NAD+ levels
  • unique supplement on the market
  • clinically tested
  • supported by science
  • only 1 capsule per day

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Science is our passion

100 +
years of research
100 +
independent research
sites all over the world
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scientific publications

The discovery of 1-MNA is the result of several years of work at multiple research sites around the world. Scientists from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, China and Australia have conducted hundreds of studies on the 1-MNA molecule.

Our Brand Ambassador

Olga Kelm
IFBB Bodybuilding World Champion

„As a World Champion, Vice European Champion, and multiple Polish Champion, I uncompromisingly adhere to the principles of healthy eating and proper supplementation, which makes choosing the ENDOTELIO supplement based on the innovative 1-MNA molecule a natural step for me.


In deciding on this supplement, I was guided not only by the fact that it is backed by advanced scientific knowledge but also by the belief that the right combination of diet with innovative solutions is crucial for my physical condition. The molecule on which the supplement is based is the result of years of research by numerous international research centers. I am pleased that t I have made the right choice in taking care of myself.”

Aleksandra Taistra
The Polish sport climber, the first Polish woman and the fourth woman in the world to conquer a climbing route with a difficulty of VI.7 on the Kurtyka scale. She is currently one of the best multi-pitch climbers in the world.

„From my own experience, I know how important it is to take care of my body and provide it with essential nutrients. That’s why choosing Endotelio, based on innovative solutions, is a step in the right direction. And when combined with a proper diet and an active lifestyle, it brings significant support during climbing.”


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